Newly re-designed models!

For the value conscious wine connoisseur, the Vintage Keeper climate controlled wine cooler cabinet is an excellent way to store your wine collection! All of these wine cabinets have glass doors and a unique electronic temperature control system that is the finest and most precise in its class. Storage from 110 to 500 wine bottles.

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VK110 - VK240 - VK250 - VK500

Vintage Keeper™ features the following:

The cooling unit is much quieter, intelligent and efficient than previous models
All models now feature Lexan instead of tempered glass in the door to make it virtually bullet proof.
The panel fastening method is much easier.
The panel and cooling unit sealing method has been improved.
Improved cooling unit suspension allows for easier installation.

Vintage Keeper™ - How It Works:

Reliable, ultra-quiet cooling unit delivers precise fully digital electronically controlled temperature.
Adjustable thermostat range is 52 to 64 degrees
Digital Display - LED display for temperature which can be F or C.
Fan speed has two "quiet" settings which reduces noise.
Built-in vibration damping and isolation for cooling unit.
Acoustic insulation and baffling.
Computerized airflow.
Plugs into a normal 15a/115v dedicated household outlet.
Epoxy coated evaporator coil for unmatched corrosion protection.

Choosing a Location for Your Vintage Keeper™ Wine Cabinet:

The Vintage Keeper™ is a top-exhausting wine cabinet and therefore is not to be built-in in any way. It must be placed in a well ventilated, heated and air-conditioned area so that the warm air exhaust may disperse effectively. Only cabinets which are specifically constructed as "zero-clearance" or "built-in" are meant to be built in. This applies to all wine cabinet manufacturers.
Garages, laundry rooms, cold cellars, attics, breezeways, closets or anywhere outdoors are not suitable locations. Ambient conditions must not exceed 80F/27C in temperature or exceed 70% relative humidity. The Vintage Keeper's™ cooling unit will not act as a heater in cold environments. The Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinet is built to CSA-US, CSA-Canada and CE International overall certification.