The BREEZAIRE WKCE Series cooling units are a compact design with cold air discharge on the bottom, which makes them ideal to be installed in cabinets.

Because of their configuration the WKCE series cooling units are not rated for specified number of cubic feet. They are intended for cabinets and other constricted enclosures.

The WKCE Model has a digital electronic (Sentry III) thermostat that adds additional safety and convenience features:

  • Large, easy to read, green LED display.
  • Accurate, easy to adjust (no tools needed) readable set points with continuous reading of enclosure temperature or displaying of set point when changing enclosure temperatures.
  • Power outage protection, which delays unit start up after power outages.
  • Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down unit and protects wine in case of high temperatures caused by condenser blockage.
  • Controls temperature by enclosure air sensors or optional bottle probe.

Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.

Owners Manual
Installation Instructions

There are two models to choose from:

BREEZAIRE Model Electrical Dimensions (in) Weight
WKCE 1060
3 Amp 18W x 10.5H x 16.5D 45 lb. $725.00 + shipping
WKCE 2200
4 Amp 18W x 10.5H x 16.5D 55 lb. $809.00 + shipping
* All prices are subject to change without notice

Bottle Probe $20us $30cdn
All prices includes shipping

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  1. All units are 115 Volt, 60 Hz.
  2. All cabinet Units can be manufactured with the Hot air out the rear (standard) or out the top of unit (special order).
  3. Both cabinet models come with the electric cord out the front (standard) or can be routed out the bottom near the rear of the unit (special order).