Wine Guardian is excited to announce the release of its DS088, WGS75 & WGS100 ducted split wine cellar cooling systems! The 60Hz DS088 split system has a cooling capacity up to 9,600 BTU/H. The 50Hz WGS75 & WGS100 systems have max capacities of 1,550 and 2,813 watts, respectfully.

The DS088, WGS75 & WGS100 are the next units in our commitment to design and build a complete split cooling system that perfectly matches the evaporator and condenser sections and features Wine Guardian’s own condensing section.

These split wine cellar cooling systems offer a 39% smaller condensing unit footprint versus the existing split systems and can be mounted to a wall, balcony, or shelf, as well as to a concrete pad on the ground. The condensing unit has easy-to-grip handles for easy installation and versatility. The DS088 & WGS100 are ideal for medium-sized wine rooms which may not be able to accommodate mechanical equipment or ventilation for a self-contained unit.