At Armacost Lighting, our mission is to change the way people think about lighting in and around their homes, businesses, and offices, with breakthrough energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that ignite the imagination and exceed expectations.

The right lighting will give a space depth, it can brighten a venue’s tone or mood, and it can create interest by drawing attention to an object or element in a room. Lighting is pivotal to altering a space with dramatic impact.

The online Wine Cellar Creations Lighting store sells new and innovative LED lighting products and accessories that may not be available in retail distribution.

  • Tape Light Kits

    Tape Light Kits (8)

    LED Tape Light Kits Armacost Lighting tape light kits make creating the perfect lighting situation for any room quick, easy and professional. Each self-contained kit comes with all the components required to create a professional grade lighting environment: a length of tape lighting, a power supply and connectors to help bridge gaps or turn corners.
  • Ribbon Flex Pro

    Ribbon Flex Pro (14)

    Ribbon Flex Pro Series model options Series 30 uses 30 LEDs per meter (about 9 LEDs per ft.) and is economic to use, designed for lower-level, indirect accent lighting projects such as above cabinets, coves, tray ceilings and toe kicks. These models permit the greatest run lengths for large-scale cove lighting projects. Series 60 uses 60 LEDs per meter (about 18 LEDs…
  • Puck & Recessed Lights

    Puck & Recessed Lights (11)

    Armacost Puck and Recessed Lights. Take your accent lighting to the next level with this stylish and durable LED luminaire. These are excellent options for counter tops, book shelves, etc or anywhere you would like a focused light.
  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies (25)

    Standard Power Supplies For use with all Armacost Lighting 12-volt LED products: White RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape Lighting RGB Custom Color RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape Lighting (also requires an RGB color controller) LED puck and landscape lighting AC Dimmable Drivers/Power Supplies For use with white LED lighting Dimmable power supplies, also called LED drivers, are a great option when you are…
  • Wire and Accessories

    Wire and Accessories (20)

    Wire and Cabling Use any properly rated wire of the appropriate gauge thickness to create connections and extensions between sections of LED lighting, power supplies, RGB controllers and dimmers. Connectors Although 12-volt power wires can be soldered to LED strips, it is not required. Armacost Lighting SureLock™ LED connectors are a quick and easy way to join strips or add 12-volt power…
  • Dimmers

    Dimmers (7)

    Dimmers. Low-voltage dimmer are for use with Armacost Lighting Standard Electronic Power Supplies. For brightness control when using 120-volt AC dimmer (Lutron and Leviton brands as an example) you must use Armacost Lighting AC Dimmable Power Supplies. 12-volt low-voltage dimmer are used with Standard Electronic Power Supplies. Low-voltage dimmers connect easily on the low-voltage side anywhere between your power supply and the LED…
  • RGB Controllers

    RGB Controllers (7)

    RGB Color Controllers RGB LED lighting requires a color controller to blend red, green and blue colors into custom colors. Color controllers operate on 12-volt DC and connect between the power supply (constant voltage) and the RGB lighting. Each model is simple to install, easy to operate, and fun. All color controllers provide both color and brightness adjustment for RGB…