Standard 24v Power Supplies

For use with all Armacost Lighting 24-volt LED products:

  • White RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape Lighting
  • RGB Custom Color RibbonFlex Pro LED Tape Lighting (also requires an RGB color controller)
  • LED puck and landscape lighting

Dimmer compatibility

Standard Electronic Power Supplies are compatible with Armacost low-voltage dimmers only. Standard power supplies cannot be used with any 120-volt AC dimmer. For dimming using an in-wall Lutron-style dimmer, choose an 120-volt AC Dimmable Power Supply.

Choose the appropriate power/wattage output

Standard Power Supplies are available in 10-200 watt models. The amount of power needed for your application is dependent on the watts required by your LED lighting. The watts required for each Armacost LED lighting product can be found in their associated installation guidelines. For RibbonFlex Pro LED tape lighting, the power or watts required depends on the brightness model as determined by LED density (number of LEDs per meter), the length of the lighting being installed, and the design configuration for your application. Read the installation guidelines for the LED light product you are using and choose a power supply rated greater than your needs – you cannot overpower LED tape lighting.