Wine Racks

We have a wide variety of Wine Racks  in USA and Canada to customize your wine cellar. Wood and Metal racks available in different configurations and colors. You can choose from an assortment of wood species and finishes to suit your taste and budget.

Wine Cellar Creations provides a complete solution for storing your precious wine bottles. Our services include designing custom wine cellars that includes wine racks and cabinets, as well as a cooling system. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or want a decorative place to store wine, we have a perfect solution to meet your unique needs. We have a variety of wine racks available in different materials and designs to help you create your dream wine cellar. Irrespective of the size and shape of your space, our customized wine racks can perfectly fit any place. From a small corner of your pantry to the entire basement, we can design and install wine racks to fit your space. Our unique solutions help in maximizing your available space and keeping your bottles safe. When it comes to wine racks, we also provide a variety of choices for finishes and materials to fit any décor. Whether you prefer wood racks for displaying your vintage collection or want metal racks to enhance the décor, we have plenty of options to suit your taste, budget, and needs.

As the experts in crafting custom wine storage solutions, we exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering top-notch products. We can accommodate all your needs and preferences.

We provide the largest variety of wine racks design and styles to fit any décor. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing premium quality products and spectacular designs. We always listen to your needs and goals before starting the design process. Moreover, we maintain complete transparency throughout the project and provide clear detailed price quotes.

From a few racks to turning an entire room into a wine cellar, we have the expertise to complete projects of all types and sizes. Our custom wine racks not only meet your wine storage needs but also enhance the beauty of your place.

We combine our experience with high-quality products to create a masterpiece for storing your wine bottles. From freestanding to wall-mounted, we offer wine racks of all types and designs. Our premium wine racks are designed to suit your lifestyle and reflect your personality.

  • Cable Wine Racking

    Cable Wine Racking (6)

    Cable Wine Racking A minimalistic luxurious approach to wine storage. The options are endless to incorporate these systems into your design.
  • Millesime

    Millesime (3)

      Wood and Metal units are modular and the different sizes can be combined in any way. Millesime wine racks offer a wide range of configurations, giving you the freedom to install one wherever you wish. They are adaptable to all room layouts and wine collections of any size. Highlight your wine bottles from every angle. The smart solution for…
  • Premium Mahogany

    Premium Mahogany (21)

    Premium Mahogany Individual wine racks are a beautiful addition to any wine cellar. They come in 2 different heights, 77.5" and 92.5". Mix and match any of the Premium Mahogany units to fit your space. Finish your cellar off with our available decorative components such as Mahogany Tables, Cellar Doors, Trim and filler strips to give it that custom look.…
  • Connoiseur & Stackable Mahogany

    Connoiseur & Stackable Mahogany (13)

    Connoiseur and Stackable Mahogany wine racking. Built by skilled craftsmen at Wine Cellar Creations.  With features like a beveled front edge that is not only attractive but functional as well, and eased edges for a truly distinctive look, these real wood racks are beautiful as well as functional. From the casual collector to the serious connoisseur, Wine Cellar Creations has…
  • Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

    Vintage View Metal Wine Racks (77)

    Vintage View Metal Wine Racks Vintage View metal wine racking were designed to show wines showing off their label prominently. In fact, the design started a new trend in wine racking industry unknown to it prior. The patented design puts the label on display, creating artful collections perfect for any room — residential or commercial — and any sized collection.…
  • Designer Series

    Designer Series (23)

    Our Designer Series was created for the regular wine lover needing a wine rack that was easy to install but had the look and feel of a quality custom wine storage room. With standard racking available for immediate purchase and shipping, our Designer Series is an excellent choice if you are looking to build a wine room or wine area. There are so…
  • RedRack

    RedRack (14)

    RedRack may be stacked on top of one another or placed side by side. 2 heights are available: 32" (A) and 48" (B). We offer 2 main sizes in widths: 16" and 32" (only wood case modules are 24") to allow for a number of configurations. RedRack wine racking sits 2 3/4" away from the wall for a total of…
  • Ultra PEG System

    Ultra PEG System (8)

    Wine Cellar Racking Systems Ultra PEG System Wine Racks & Cellars was founded and is managed by Tom Schneider. Tom is the owner of WhisperKOOL Corp. and Vinotheque Wine Cellars. He has been on the forefront of innovation within the wine storage and cooling industries for the past decade. Doug Smith contributed to the creation of Ultra Wine Racks &…
  • Vintner Series

    Vintner Series (21)

    Vintner Series is one of our most popular lines, because stackable wine racks are so easily managed in your home to create the perfect wine storage area. These modular wine racks can be purchased as you go and can fit the most difficult spaces. The casual wine drinker might have only a smaller area in their home or apartment to convert to holding wine…