1800 Condensate Drain Line REAR + Heating Element #1709


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Condensate Drain Line Heating Element 1800 (P/N 1709). When the wine cooling unit will be installed in a wine cellar with hot, humid conditions, our 100W heating element is designed to burn off excess moisture. In addition, the 1/2-inch ID condensate fitting and 8-foot clear vinyl tube allows overflow condensation to exit from the rear of the cooling unit.



Strongly recommended for wine cellar installations of 1800 Series wine cooling units in humid environments with 110V power and/or when the drain line cannot be used. This item MUST be factory-installed – it cannot be retrofitted in the field.

  • 100W internal heating element
  • Works in 110V environments
  • 1/2-inch ID condensate fitting
  • 8-foot drain line


Cost: Price: $150.00 US



Please note: This item will work only in 110V environments. For 220V environments, choose our drain line heating element for 220V environments.

  • Size:10 feet (drain line)
  • Weight:.0001lb
  • Warranty:1 Year