Cable Wine Cellar Series


Cable Wine Cellar Series

By its very nature we are unable to post the individual pieces in this system for sale. A design must be calculated and quoted on in order to determine what is required. Please use the  contact us   page to request a design  quote. Please include your contact info (name, address, phone number) so that we may provide accurate shipping quotes and follow up with you. We will need to know the dimensions of the space that you want Cable Wine Cellar Series in (please don’t add multiple wall measurements together), and we will also need to know whether you want “label view” or “neck out” configuration.


Cable Series

Achieving Minimalistic Beauty With Cable Wine Racking

This project showcases our Cable System encased in a glass wall unit that is viewable from both side of this open floor plan. The cable wine system is made out of stainless steel which makes it perfect for high humidity environments. There is no need to worry about the racks rusting out.

Cable RackingModern Cable Racking Acrylic

Cable Series with acrylic shelves

Cable Racking Series Combined with Modern Series Acrylic Shelf

Never be afraid to explore your design options with your wine cellar projects. Our client DreamBuilt Homes was definitely thinking out of the box when they asked our team to design this wine cellar for one of their homes. You might also be wondering how the client can reach the bottles given the insane floor-to-ceiling height of the racking assembly. Surprise, surprise! There’s actually an elevator at the bottom that allows the client to reach up to the highest bottle level. Contact one of our experienced design consultants today and get started on those whimsical details!
Modern Cable Racking AcrylicModern Cable Racking Acrylic

Cable Series

Cable Wine Cellar Series with Custom Allheart Redwood Racks

Simple, sturdy, and stunning! This stunning cellar combines our Cable Wine Cellar Series and our custom wine cellar racking series to create a stunning Modern look as it is showcased thru the glass sidelight.

Cable Racking seriesCable Racking

Cable Series

Glass Enclosed Cellar with Cable Racking

This modern glass enclosed wine cellar utilizes dark stained wooden components along with our Cable Series wine system. Add some contemporary flavor to your wine cellar project. Our highly experienced design consultants can help you get started!.

Modern Cable RackingModern Cable Racking

Cable wine racks can accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, way more compared to standard units. That means you can store other types of liquor as well and not just wine. For someone who wants to grow a versatile collection, this is the perfect racking system to utilize. And of course, don’t forget the space-efficiency factor. The racks are designed to be secured to the walls, making them highly space-efficient. WCI’s Cable Wine Racking system is crafted from high end components which means you get quality wine racks that are worth every dollar you spend. Protect your wines with a high-end wine cellar cooling unit to preserve and protect your investment.

Understanding the Components of the Cable Series System

Cable Series componentsSoffit
Blocking is required in the ceiling for the soffit to be secured to.
Base platform
The base platform will need to be secured and run all the way to the back wall.
If base molding exists, it will need to be removed. If sitting on top of racks the table top will act as the base platform.

Cable Series componentsInstalling the hooks
The platform and soffit will have pre-drilled holes for the hook locations. You will use the supplied alligator bit to install the hooks into the soffit and base.
Installing the net
The net will come pre-assembled for ease of installation. You hang the net across the upper set of hooks that you installed.

The bottom of the net has the tensioner attached to it. You can adjust the tensioner by rotating the body to the left or right. Loosen it enough to be able to slip over the hooks on the base platform. Then hand tighten each tensioner so that the nets are as rigid as you can make them.

cross-clampsOnce tightened some of the cross clamps may rotate in or out. You might be able to hold and rotate them by hand or the cross clamp can be loosened in the back with an Allen wrench just a little to allow for you to rotate it into place and then tighten back up.