CellarPro 1800 Duct Intake Hood (Cold Side) #1932


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CellarPro 1800 Duct Intake Hood (Cold Side) (P/N 1932). This hood is designed to fit over the front of the cooling unit, and acts as a plenum to capture return air from the wine cellar. Two mounting brackets on either side keep the hood from moving around after installation.

When using this hood, the cellar must be located directly below the wine cooling unit. Two openings must be created in the ceiling of the wine cellar, one (using this hood) for one for return air and one (below the exhaust fan) for supply air to drop down directly into the wine cellar. Other than as described above, the cold side of 1800 cooling units must never be ducted.

PLEASE NOTE: The cooling unit MUST ALWAYS be installed in a conditioned environment when using this front intake hood. The risk is that the cold-side of the cooling unit, which is designed to be installed inside the cellar, will experience moisture condensation when the ambient environment is too warm and/or humid. Moisture condensation may damage the cooling unit’s electrical components. This damage is not covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

We do not recommend using the front intake hood with our 1800QTL cooling unit.


We created this hood to allow our CellarPro 1800QT, XT and XTS cooling units to be installed directly above (as opposed to inside) the wine cellar.

  • Designed to fit over the intake coils at the front of all CellarPro 1800 wine cooling units
  • Includes mounting clips to keep the cooling unit in place
  • Allows the cooling unit to be installed above the wine cellar, rather than inside the cellar


Cost: Price: $125.00 US




Weight:4.3 lb

Warranty:1 Year

SKU:193-0081 (1591)


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