CellarPro 6200/8200 VS Duct KIT (Hot Side) #15092


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CellarPro 6200/8200 VS Duct KIT (Hot Side) #15092

CellarPro 6200/8200 VS Duct KIT (Hot Side) (P/N 15092). Duct openings are designed to attach to two 8-inch ducts for condenser intake and exhaust. Removable slot plate provides easy access to removable air filter.

Shown at left: front duct kit (right) AND rear duct kit (left). The front duct kit is sold separately.

Kit includes: Duct hood and 50 feet (2×25) of 8-inch insulated (R-6) ducting.

The high fan speed setting is required when using our rear duct kit.

Custom rear duct kit for CellarPro 6200 / 8200 VS cooling units. With this kit, the hot air intake/exhaust each can be ducted up to 50 equivalent feet (25 feet per opening).

  • Attaches easily to the rear of 6200 and 8200 wine cooling units
  • Provides quick access to removable air filter
  • Designed for easy hook-up to 8″ ducting
  • One or both openings may be ducted (total of 50 equivalent feet)
  • Cold-rolled, thick-gauge steel
  • Capacity:50 Equivalent Feet
  • Size:16 1/4w x 8.0625d x 22h (in)
  • Weight:35 lb
  • Warranty:1 Year



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