CellarPro Air Handler AH24Sx-EC Split Outdoor #32033 (Cools Up To 8000cuft)



CellarPro Air Handler AH24Sx-EC Split Outdoor #32033

18,200 SENSIBLE BTUH @ 55F.
CellarPro’s AH24Sx-EC split cooling system (2 Ton Nominal) is suitable for wine cellars up to 8000 cubic feet* in both commercial and residential wine cellars. The evaporator module features a powerful energy-efficient centrifugal EC fan that can handle ducting up to 0.30″wg external static pressure (equivalent to 14″ diameter using R6 insulated flex ducting, or 153 sq. inches area using R6 insulated hard ducting.)

The system includes our Networkable Thermostat Upgrade (P/N 27346) which connects the unit to any 24V thermostat (not included) via 24V thermostat wiring, allowing control of the cooling unit through the Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

The air-cooled condensing unit can be installed indoors or outdoors, and can handle ambient temperatures ranging from -30F to 110F. Please note that the condensing unit cannot be ducted and requires sufficient clearance for proper airflow – refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information.

*8000 cubic feet size assumes that the cellar is constructed with insulation of R19 or better in all walls and ceiling (ie no glass or uninsulated concrete), a setpoint of 55F inside the cellar and ambient temperatures up to 85F outside the cellar. Ducting will add additional load and must be considered in the sizing calculation. Request a free thermal load calculation.

Please note: Our units were not designed for, and our warranty does not cover damage from, marine exposure (within 5 miles of the ocean). In these environments, you will need an applied coating, such as Insitu®, to protect against corrosion that is common in coastal regions.

Our cooling units are designed to be used in properly-constructed wine cellars that are adequately insulated, airtight and sealed with a vapor barrier. In improperly-constructed cellars, the cooling unit will create excess condensation, leading to damage and premature failure of your cooling unit (not covered by warranty).




      • Cold side exhaust is on the front and intake is on the right side.
      • The system requires either 208V/1PH/60HZ or 230V/1PH/60HZ dual power supplies, with a 15 amp circuit for the evaporator module, and a 50 amp dedicated circuit for the condensing unit. Either 208V or 230V must be specified when ordering the system.
      • 24VAC control wiring is required between the main temperature controller and the evaporator. No communication wiring is required between the evaporator and the condensing unit.
      • The system includes a refrigerant pump-down solenoid valve to prevent liquid slugging.
      • Units are evacuated and charged with dry nitrogen.
      • The Evaporator operating range is 45F to 62F cellar temperature without the Integrated Humidifier, and 51F.to 62F with the Integrated Humidifier
      • An optional integrated humidification system and an optional heating system are available for additional cost. These options must be factory installed and require additional power. Please consult the Owners Manual for specific power requirements.
      • The evaporator should never be exposed to temperatures below 32F.
      • The unit includes a mounted defrost controller that manages the defrost cycle, which is time initiated, temperature terminated with a factory default of 1 hour.
      • Access to the left and right side of the evaporator unit is required for installation and service.
      • Split systems must be installed and charged on site by qualified HVAC/R professionals. Line-set equivalent feet must be calculated in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines; refer to our Line Sizing Chart for more information.
      • CellarPro cooling units must always be used in the upright position, and should never be operated on its side or upside down. These units are shipped strapped to a pallet via common carrier with curbside delivery. Inside delivery is available for an additional charge.
      • Configurations



  • Cold Temperature
    • Compressor Heater: protects the unit when installed in environments that drop below 40F down to 20F – Included as standard equipment.
    • Fan Cycling Switch: supports the unit in temperatures below 20F and as low as -20F when configured with Electronic Control and combined with our compressor heater. Included as standard equipment

    Remote Thermostats, Displays & Probes

    • Networkable Thermostats #27346 and #27310: Included as standard equipment allowing connection of your cooling unit to a networkable, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat (sold separately, Ecobee SmartThermostat Pro #31453). Must be ordered at the same time that the equipment is ordered. Other limitations apply – read the networkable thermostat description for more information.

    Heating & Humidification

    • Integrated Heater #32034: adds 3000 watts of heat through the cooling system when the cellar is in an unheated environment and will be exposed to temperatures below desired wine storage temperatures.
    • Integrated Humidifier #32035: provides humidification with digital control inside the cellar when attached to an external water line.

    Condensate Pump

    • Internal Condensate Pump #30870: Internal condensate pump is factory-installed and includes 25ft of 1/4″ID PVC drain line.



      • Capacity:18200 BTUH @ 55F
      • Sizing:Click here to view sizing table
      • Size:41 3/8w x 36 5/8d x 22 3/8h (in) (Evap)
      • Weight:375 lb
      • Power/Rating:Power:
        – 208V/1PH/60HZ or 230V/1PH/60HZ ( must be specified when ordering) with dual power supplies:

        • 15 amp circuit for the evaporator module
        • 50 amp dedicated circuit for the condensing unit.

        – Startup Amps: 112 Amps
        – Total System Watts: 2497 (not including optional Integrated Humidifier or Heater)

      • Warranty:
        – Warranty Overview
        – Limited Warranty – 2 Years (Entire System) / 5 Years (Compressor) To activate your warranty, you must complete and return our – Split Installation Checklist.- Optional Extended Warranty (sold separately).
      • SKU: 32033
      • UPC:077757011160

      Condensing Unit Dimensions:
      – 219 lbs (no humidifier)
      – 16 5/8w x 40 1/2d x 33 1/8h

      Evaporator Unit Dimensions:
      – 156 lbs
      – Add 5 lbs for Integrated Heater and 20lbs for Integrated Humidifier
      – 41 3/8w x 36 5/8d x 22 3/8h

      2 Tons Nominal
      18,200 BTUH @ 55F

      Evaporator Decibels
      – Ducted: 67 dbA
      – Non-Ducted: 78 dbA

      Condensing Unit Decibels
      – 61 dbA


AH12-AH24Sx Owners Manual Rev 121521