CellarPro Outdoor Hood for Mini Split 3000S/3000Sh #1766


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CellarPro Outdoor Hood for Mini Split 3000S/3000Sh (P/N 1766). The outdoor hood includes a cover to protect against weather, as well as a custom base platform that elevate the condensing unit off the ground.

The outdoor hood also includes a compressor heater (installed with the compressor when the hood is shipped together with the split system.)


The outdoor hood allows the condensing unit from CellarPro Mini Split 3000S and 3000Sh refrigeration systems to be installed outdoors.

  • Heavy gauge metal hood
  • Sized to fit CellarPro Mini Split 3000S condensing units
  • Allows condensing units to be placed outdoors
  • Includes compressor heater to protect condensing units below 40F
  • Refer to recommended temperature operating range


  • Size:19 3/8w x 23 1/4d x 18 3/4h (in)
  • Weight:46lb
  • Warranty:1 Year


Condensing Unit Hood