Cold-Temperature Compressor Heater Factory Installed #1727



CellarPro Cold-Temperature Compressor Heater (P/N 32342 (1439)). Must be factory installed. When the cooling unit is exposed to cold temperatures, the refrigerant in the compressor can migrate into the crankcase oil when the compressor is not running. On startup, this can cause excessive motor wear and a loss of refrigeration efficiency. The compressor heater protects the compressor from damage in cold conditions below 40°F.

Our self-regulating compressor heater attaches to the compressor and provides reliable peak heating during critical cold periods. Once the compressor starts up and/or temperatures start to rise, the compressor heater reduces its heating.



The compressor heater is required when the condenser (rear) side of CellarPro cooling units will be exposed to temperatures below 40°F.

  • Enables cooling units to be exposed to temperatures below 40F
  • Works effectively and reliably
  • Promotes energy efficiency
  • Extends compressor life


Weight:.5 lb

Power/Rating:120V / 60 Watts (at 0F)

Warranty:1 Year

SKU:32342 (1439)