Helix Wine Rack Post Angled Base Plate (floating wine rack system component for sloped ceilings)



The Hidden Base Plate is the perfect Helix Wine Rack Post enhancement for clients who strive for absolute minimalism. It cuts down the visual impact of the standard base plate by about 50%. It’s barely there.


The Helix Wine Rack Post Angle Bracket attaches any Post to an angled ceiling or floor — at angles up to 35 degrees — adding even more places a stunning label-forward wine display can go.

Helix Post System

The patent-pending Helix Post allows for remarkable floor-to-ceiling installations (up to 12’) of VintageView’s remarkable Helix Wine Rack. Create stunning, minimalist displays against glass, in front of stone or tile work, or as room dividers with unrivaled custom design flexibility.


                           Width              Height                Depth                       Capacity
Angled         2-1/2″ (60cm)    1-1/2″ (2.5cm)    1-5/8″ (41.5cm)          N/A
  1. In The Box

    Comes complete with one (1) Hidden Angled Base Plate, and self-drilling screws to assemble to the top or bottom of any Post.

  2. Absolute Flexibility

    The Angled Base Plate allows for floor-to-ceiling installations when one or both surfaces is at an angle, up to 35 degrees.

  3. Remarkable Finish

    Built with high-quality steel, backed by a lifetime warranty, and offered with choice of matte black, cool gray, or golden bronze finishes.





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Cool Gray, Golden Bronze, Matte Black