Line Set for CellarPro Mini Split 3000S #1804


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Line Set for CellarPro Mini Split 3000S (P/N 40820250L). Each set consists of a copper liquid line and an insulated copper suction line. The larger tube (1/2 ODS), called the suction line, is insulated with 1/2-inch continuous seamless insulation.

The smaller tube (1/4 ODS) is called the liquid line. Both tubes are rolled into a convenient all-in-one package for field installation.

Line sets can be brazed together with couplings to achieve lengths up to 100 feet.


Our25-foot line set is designed to connect the evaporator and condensing units in Cellarpro Mini Split 3000S refrigeration systems.

  • Designed to Work with CellarPro Mini Split 3000S Refrigeration Systems
  • 100% Pre-Fabricated for Quick, Efficient & Economical Field Installation
  • Tested to be Defect-Free in Accordance with ASTM E243
  • U.L. recognized or listed


  • Size:25 Feet
  • Weight:9lb
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • SKU:40820250L