MHD120 Connoiseur Series with Display


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MHD120 Connoiseur Series With Display

Features 6 display sections that hold your bottles at a 15 degree angle. This showcases your prized bottles and maintains wine contact with the cork.

73.5″H(20 Bottles) x 26.25”W(6 Columns) x 10.5″D (Holds 120 bottles)

Generous bottle spacing can hold most 750ml bottles.

MHD120 Connoiseur Series with Display Mahogany wine racking. Built by skilled craftsmen at Wine Cellar Creations.  With features like a beveled front edge that is not only attractive but functional as well, and eased edges for a truly distinctive look, these Mahogany wine racks are beautiful as well as functional. From the casual collector to the serious connoisseur, Wine Cellar Creations has the perfect storage or display solution for you. The residential and commercial racking systems can maximize your storage space without the custom cost. At 45″(Stackable) or 73.5″(Connoiseur) they are easy to assemble. Made from solid 3/4″ material, our wine racking is strong and durable. We chose to use Mahogany for our wine racks because it has nice colour, low odour, mould and mildew resistant, machines well and is grown in sustainable forests.


MH104s MH120 MH160 Assembly Instructions