Remote Touch Dimmer and On/Off Switch


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Armacost Lighting’s Remote Touch Dimmer provides smooth, full-range dimming of white LED lighting. Using capacitive sensing technology and a 1 inch peel-and-stick stainless steel remote sensor disk, this LED dimmer switch creates opportunities for innovative control solutions for furniture and cabinet lighting.

  • Works with Armacost Lighting RibbonFlex Pro White Tape Light Only
  • A small control unit with a 48-inch thin wire lead connects to the inconspicuous disk touch sensor which is then mounted in a convenient location almost anywhere
  • Simply tap the disk to turn lights on or off, touch and hold for full range dimming
  • The dimmer saves the brightness setting until the next time the lights are turned on
  • The 1/32-in. thin sensor disk easily surface mounts or countersunk for a perfectly flush professional installation



  • This dimmer works on body capacitance, the naturally occurring electrical energy stored within the human body. The dimmer sensor detects minute changes in electromagnetism to turn on/off and dim your lighting
  • For use with Armacost Lighting’s RibbonFlex Pro White LED Tape Lighting or other single color LED lighting operating on 12- or 24-volt DC power (constant voltage), not for use with RGB color-changing LEDs
  • Compatible with Armacost Lighting Standard Power supplies, may not be compatible with those by other manufacturers
  • Remote sensor wire allows the touch sensor disk to be located up to 48 inches from the dimmer housing, simplifying your wiring requirements
  • The sensor wire lead can attach to other metal materials – door hinges, handles, or other ferrous metal surfaces
  • Low-voltage safe, Operates on 12-volt DC, not for use with 120-volt lighting fixtures
  • Connects between the low-voltage power source and the LED lighting
  • Easy quick-connect terminal block direct wire hook-up
  • CSA listed, conforms to UL Standard 8750
  • Will support a maximum load of 96 watts of LED lighting