TTW009 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit (for cellars up to 600cuft)


Remote Interface Controller

500w Heater

1 Exhaust Duct Collar and 25′ of 6″ Round Flex Duct

Exhaust Only

3 Year Extended Warranty



This through-the-wall wine cellar cooling unit is ideal for small home wine cellars and wine cabinets. Always use the wine cellar cooling calculator to determine if the TTW009 is the correct unit for your application. This unit is also easy to install, and can be installed on your own without the support of a contractor. The max capacity of the TTW009 is 1,100 BTU/h (0.32 Kilowatts).

[The TTW009 is a 60Hz system, which is standard in the majority of North and South America; if you need a comparable 50Hz system (used in most of Europe, Asia, Africa, & Australia) see the WG15 TTW wine cellar cooling unit. Verify your country’s line frequency.]

The TTW009 can be equipped with many options and accessories including remote sensors and Moniteur Du Vin, a wine cellar monitoring system.


Wine Guardian Through the Wall Wine Cellar cooling unit – TTW 009

Max. Cooling Capacity: 600 cu. ft

Dimensions: 25″ L x  14 1/4″W x 15 7/8″H

Electrical: 115v/1ph/60Hz
Weight: 55 lbs