Vino Rails Post Kit: Two-Sided Cork Forward Floating Wine Rack (40-120 bottles)



Vino Rails Post Kit: Two-Sided Cork Forward Floating Wine Rack (40-120 bottles)

This two-sided floor-to-ceiling mounting wine rack configuration is a perfect kit to create room dividers or push displays up against glass walls in stunning fashion.


Easily display your wine collection anywhere with the Vino Rails Floating Wine Rack Kit, featuring our chic Vino Rails metal wine pegs and companion framing system, the Vino Series Post*. This two-sided configuration is perfect for displays against glass or in the middle of rooms. Constructed of commercial-grade steel, the Floating Wine Rack Kit comes with everything you need to assemble a single-sided wine rack column.

This display holds 40, 80 or 120 standard wine bottles dependent on bottle width.

  • Add more capacity with additional Vino Rails and Vino Post Plates.

Install multiple columns to show off a collection of any size.

Vino Rails Post Two-Sided Cork Forward Floating Wine Rack Specifics:

    • Single-bottle width: 120 x 3 x 27.5” (40 bottles)
    • Double-bottle width: 120 x 8 x 27.5” (80 bottles)
    • Triple-bottle width: 120 x 13 x 27.5” (120 bottles)
  • KIT FEATURES: Includes 1 x Vino Series Post* (10’, cut to fit on site), 40 Vino Rails Mounting Plates, 40, 80 or 120 sets of Vino Rails, BILT Apps 3D interactive instructions.
  • STYLISH, CONTEMPORARY WINE STORAGE: The perfect intersection of size and storage, this metal wine rack showcases a range of height and bottle depths in a modern fashion and can be stacked to reach any commercial or residential collection requirements.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & SLEEK FINISH: Built with high-quality aluminum (Pins) and steel (frame), and offered in four finishes for the Post (matte black, gloss black, golden bronze, and gunmetal) and four finishes in the Vino Series (aluminum, glossy black, golden bronze, and gunmetal)
  • MOVING WINE STORAGE FORWARD: At VintageView, we create the preferred wine racks for design professionals and design-focused DIYers.
  • DESIGN EXPERTISE: Let us help you layout your wine display including the right mix of Vino Series Posts and accessories with complimentary CAD design.

* The Post System is Patent Pending.


Install the Vino Series Post System with ease, using BILT 3D Interactive instructions.



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Bottle Width

Single, Double, Triple


Gloss Black, Golden Bronze, Gunmetal, Matte Black, Matte Black Aluminum