Vino Series Post Elbow Bracket (Floating Wine Rack System Component)




We don’t blame anyone for just loving the look of a Vino Series Post system — even when mounting to a wall is readily available. The Elbow is the critical element in creating an Elbow Standoff Bracket that allows for floor-to-wall mounting at up to an 12-inch offset from the wall.

Build an Elbow Standoff Bracket

Option 1: If the cut section of your Vino Series Post is equal to or greater than the desired offset from the wall, purchase one (1) Elbow and attach to the cut section, drop. Use the welded Mounting Bracket from the cut section to attach to the wall.

Option 2: If there is no cut section (or the cut section is less than desired offset from the wall), purchase one (1) Elbow, one (1) Bridge Post (custom), and one (1) Hidden Bracket.


Elbow  3.5″ (9cm) Wide,   1.5″ (4cm) High,    3.5″ (9cm) Deep



Matte Black  

Gloss Black


Golden Bronze  




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