WineZone Air Handler 4800a Series (for cellars up to 1,585cuft)


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WineZone Cooling Systems have been discontinued. This is a direct replacement.

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WineZone Air Handler 4800a Series

Evaporator Coil Coating now included.

For cellars up to 1585cuft

Air Handler System
• Used for L-shaped rooms, long narrow rooms, or where one point source will not properly circulate air throughout the room
• For cellars that will store or mature wine for long periods of time
• Located outside the cellar, the supply and return air is ducted into the room similar to a central air conditioner
• No visible mechanical equipment in cellar
• Ducted units need only supply registers and return air grilles in the cellar leaving more wall space for racking and art work
• Ducting can be placed in soffits if room construction is already complete
• The most quiet style of all refrigeration systems
• Humidification, and dehumidification air handler systems allow for total climate control in the wine cellar
• Accurate, fast acting thermostat controls the refrigeration system and all accessories
• Can be used with either an indoor or outdoor remote condensing unit, moving heat and noise away from the cellar
• Wooden and decorative metal registers available
• Must be installed and adjusted by a qualified HVAC technician

Air Handler WZAH4800a:
• ETLC listed air handler in accordance with UL1995
• Phenolic coated, aluminum fin-copper tube evaporator coil

• Factory balanced, forward curve direct drive blower, with 115V, 3 speed, PSC motor
• Cabinet with fully insulated 3/4″ fiberglass with an R value of 3.26
• 1″ disposable filters standard on all units
• Vertical units have duct connections on return air inlet and a large blower access panel in front
• Horizontal units have 3/8″ NC thread nuts in each corner of top panel for easy suspension and are designed for top or bottom blower access
Air Handler WZAH6200a and WZAH9000a:


• ETL listed and AHRI certified

• All-aluminum evaporator coil

• 230 volt, direct drive, multi-speed ECM blower motor
• Foil faced insulation with glue-less cabinet retention
• 1″ disposable filters standard on all units
• Multi-position air handler

Indoor condenser:
• UL listed Copeland® commercial condensing unit.
• Uses R134a refrigerant
• Air cooled units standard
• Receiver for use with thermostatic expansion valve
• 4″ galvanized iron base
• All units equipped with variable speed condenser fan motor speed control for quiet operation

• Crankcase heater on all models
Indoor Condenser
indoor wine cellar refrigeration

Outdoor Condenser:
• UL listed Copeland® commercial condensing unit.
• Uses R134a refrigerant
• Air cooled units standard
• Receiver for use with thermostatic expansion valve
• Rainproof control panel box with liquid tight conduit on control panel
• All units equipped with variable speed condenser fan motor speed control for quiet operation and low ambient control
• Crankcase heater on all models

Outdoor Condenser
outdoor refrigeration condenser

Outdoor Enclosure:
• UL Listed enclosure
• Galvanized steel base
• 20 GA. Galvanized steel cabinet
• Hinged access for easier servicing
• Wind safety latch
• All season weather protection

• Front louvers at 45° angle
• Rain trough under hinge to catch moisture that might seep through hinge

• Condenser screen protected with high temperature baked-on clear lacquer coating

Peco Performance PRO Thermostat
The Performance PROT12000 Series is intended for use in residential and commercial environments. It can support the 1 stage Heat/1 stage Cool/Humidify/Dehumidify configurations for WineZone air handler systems. It features a 12 square inch blue backlit display with dynamic menus, accessed using touchscreen keys. All Performance Pro T12000 Series offer the following standard features: Auto-changeover, temporary override, optional remote temperature sensors, keypad lockout, and filter change reminder.

• One thermostat controls Cool, Humidify, Dehumidify, and Heat
• Blue touchscreen is large, easy to read, and user friendly.
• System configuration, while extensive, is easy and fast to perform.
• The wiring connections use common designations familiar to HVAC techs making installation of control wiring faster and simpler.
• No 115-volt power circuit is required at the thermostat reducing installation cost
• Humidify and Dehumidify are more economical since there is no need for additional controls
• Remote temperature sensor allows user to view the temperature from outside the cellar.
• Customers that purchase Dehumidification also receive the ability to heat the cellar. The Heat option with the modified condenser control panel is no longer necessary
• Provides control of Fan to customer.
• Can be used as a direct replacement for WZDS thermostats

Research Products Corporation is the largest manufacturer of whole house humidifiers, air cleaners, and fresh air exchangers and is a recognized leader in the heating and air conditioning industry.
• Quiet, efficient performance
• Easily installed and maintained
• Fan draws air through water panel where humidity is generated and the air handler distributes humidity throughout the cellar
• .75 gal/hr capacity, among the highest of all evaporative humidifiers
• Could humidify a 4000 sq. ft. home
• Simple yearly maintenance can be done by the HVAC tech while performing the yearly maintenance on the refrigeration system

• Fast, easy replacement of inexpensive water panel and orifice

Dehumidification for WZAH4800a:
• Duct heater suitable use in any forced air system
• Suitable for zero clearance installations in vertical or horizontal duct systems
• Easily installed in the side of the supply air duct
• Heavy gauge galvanized iron construction
• Output matched in size to refrigeration unit

Dehumidification for WZAH6200a and WZAH9000a:
• Cabinet installed electric heater kit
• Factory installed if purchased with the unit
• Rust-resistant nickel chromium for the MBVC’s heat elements, improving the unit’s longevity and performance.
• Features a plug-in wiring harness


4800a BTUH Air Handler Specifications


VoltageHPAmpacity Max.Fuse Min.Wire SizeRLA/LRAdB
230/208-60-18.61512-2 w/Gr6.4/31.053
  • Uses 5/16” x 5/8” line set up to 100 equivalent feet. Uses 5/16” x 3/4” line set from 101 to 200 equivalent feet maximum.
  • 50’ of 5/16” x 5/8” line set is sent when line set is purchased with unit.
  • Unit is not precharged and must be evacuated.
  • For use with R-134a refrigerant.
  • Indoor condensers must be installed in a room with a minimum of 3170 cubic feet of free space.
  • Dimensions:
    Indoor Unit: 25″ x 20″ x 14.5″  92 lbs.
    Outdoor Unit: 27″ x 20″ x 20″  117 lbs.

Vertical Air Handler:

VoltageHPAmpacity Max.Fuse Min.Wire SizedB
115-60-1 3spd.1/101.21514-2 w/Gr56
  • Receives load voltage from condenser
  • Line voltage run to condenser
  • 405 CFM @ 0.08″ static pressure. 8 x 12 supply trunk, 8 x 14 return trunk recommended, 2″ duct wrap min.
  • 3/4″ FPT drain, trap required
  • Dimensions:
    Vertical Unit: 24″ W x 13″ D x 25″ H 67 lbs. Filter: 8″ x 19.25″
    Optional Horizontal Unit: 29″ W x 32.5″ L x 12.5″ H  102 lbs. Filter: 11.75″ x 24.375″


  • Peco 12532 touchscreen 24 volt thermostat
  • 18 gauge 8 conductor to condenser


  • Requires 115 volt receptacle
  • 24 volt control from condenser


  • Duct heater requires 240 volt 15 Amp circuit

Approximate Shipping Weight:

  • 305-410 lbs.

Crate Size:

  • 36″ x 49″ x 44″ t


WZAH4800a Installation Instructions       WZAH4800a Spec Sheet

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