Biometric Fingerprint Lock


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Biometric Fingerprint Lock

• Multiple unlock ways: Fingerprint, Keypad (pin), or Mechanical key.
• Fingerprint user capacity 100
• Pure stainless steel mechanical rotating structure enable for using more than 10 years.
• User management capabilities built into lock
• Easy to change batteries in the lock
• Uses 4 x 1.5V standard alkaline batteries
• If the fingerprint is not input correctly, the handle is free handle; it can provide the door from opening by force, and prolong the life of      the lock mechanism
• Easy-installation: professional installation not required

Stylish and easy to use and install, this biometric door lock is full of robust features with a unique design. The lock features a sliding front cover that protects the optical sensor against outside elements and also activates the fingerprint scanner when it is lifted. Up to 100 fingerprints can be accommodated. User management can be accessed directly on the lock. By using a lock with multiple users loaded in it, you can easily remove access for unique individuals when they are no longer working with your company without changing the lock or affecting the access of any current employees.

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