Wine Cellar Cooling and Refrigeration Systems

The purpose of Wine Cellar Cooling Units is to maintain a constant temperature and humidity inside a properly built and insulated space.

Wine Cellar Creations has a wide range of manufacturers with a huge selection of configurations to fit any situation and budget.

We carry self contained “through the wall” type units that are meant to vent cold air into the wine cellar and warm (not hot) air into another room.  Compact wine cabinet units that are generally replacements for existing units. Ductless “split systems” where the evaporator and condenser are separate. The evaporator can hang on the wall, be ceiling mounted or it can fit inside of wine racking and the condenser would be in another room or outdoors. A ducted “split system” is where the cold air is vented through duct work into the wine cellar from another room and the condenser can be indoor or outdoor. There also self contained ducted units that can duct the cold air and warm air to different locations.

  • WCC Split Systems

    WCC Split Systems (11)

    WCC (Wine Cellar Creations) Split Systems Please note that lead times could be extended up to 8 weeks due to parts supply shortages. We offer the most precise and durable wine care systems on the market, designed and built-to-order by the wine storage industry’s original manufacturers. Our condensers can be mounted indoors or outdoors, and our evaporators can be either…
  • Breezaire

    Breezaire (11)

    BREEZAIRE Wine collectors and others who store or age delicate products have special requirements that cannot be satisfied by standard refrigeration equipment. Unlike air conditioners or commercial refrigeration systems our units gently cool the air without removing the moisture so essential for maintaining the integrity of the corks and the wine itself. Only excess moisture is removed in order to…
  • CellarPro

    CellarPro (120)

    Your wine collection is an investment. At CellarPro, we'll help you protect it. Our cooling units for wine cabinets and cellars keep storage temperatures and humidity levels in a stable recommended range—without fail for years. Made in America and individually tested to rigorous standards, CellarPro refrigeration systems let you control the elements. We started out building cabinets for fellow wine lovers, but we…
  • KoolR

    KoolR (1)

    KoolR wine cooling solution for keeping your wine at proper temperatures at the lowest cost possible so you  can save the money for more wine to add to your wine cellar. With simple installation and use you can become professional wine collector. Cools up to 900 cuft $0.66 per cuft Temperature  sets 53° - 64° F Whisper quiet Wall cut-out:…
  • Whisperkool

    Whisperkool (31)

    Whisperkool wine cellar cooling units. Choose from the latest technology in wine cellar cooling. Customers love the selection of through the wall SC units, Platinum split systems and ceiling mount Platinum split systems. For larger cellars the Quantum ducted and the new Phantom ducted systems. The Extreme systems are Bulletproof and meant to weather the elements. Fade to Black. SC…
  • Wine Guardian

    Wine Guardian (19)

    Wine Guardian Commercial & Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Systems and Humidifiers A versatile wine cellar cooling unit that provides commercial-grade temperature and humidity control is essential for homes, restaurants, or storage facilities.  As stylish as they are functional, our wine cellar temperature and humidity control systems set the standard for performance while offering easy installation in any wine room. Wine Guardian wine…
  • WineZone Split Systems

    WineZone Split Systems (17)

     WineZone Split systems Have been Discontinued but we can still get most parts. Please Contact US for a quote • Can be charged with any of the following 4 refrigerants R-22, NU-22B, 134A, MO99 and R-427A • Multiple unit sizes with capacities up to 5000 cu feet for a single unit. • WineZone units have a long standing track record…