WineZone Split systems Have been Discontinued. 

Please Follow This Link to WCC Split Systems


• Can be charged with any of the following 4 refrigerants R-22, NU-22B, MO99 and R-427A
• Multiple unit sizes with capacities up to 5000 cu feet for a single unit.
• WineZone units have a long standing track record of maintaining optimal humidity levels.
• Quiet operation. Ductless split evaporators with decibel levels as low as 45 Db.
• Ductless split evaporators require only a single 1/4″ hole through the cellar wall.
• Commercial grade condensers withstand continuous 110 degree ambient temperatures.
• Low ambient control is standard on every unit.
• Air handlers provide complete climate control with humidity, dehumidification, and heat options.

  • Air Handler Ducted System

    Air Handler Ducted System (3)

    Air Handler Ducted System Applications: • Used for L-shaped rooms, long narrow rooms, or where one point source will not properly circulate air throughout the room • For cellars that will store or mature wine for long periods of time • Located outside the cellar, the supply and return air is ducted into the room similar to a central air…
  • Ductless Split System

    Ductless Split System (4)

    WineZone Ductless Split Systems Applications: • Most economical split system to purchase and install • Allows transfer of heat to a room not adjacent to cellar • Unit is cooling only, an excellent choice for cellars where wine is "turned over" quickly • Ideal for rectangular rooms requiring less than 15' of "throw" • For rooms already constructed, rooms with…