Wine collectors and others who store or age delicate products have special requirements that cannot be satisfied by standard refrigeration equipment. Unlike air conditioners or commercial refrigeration systems our units gently cool the air without removing the moisture so essential for maintaining the integrity of the corks and the wine itself. Only excess moisture is removed in order to maintain 50% to 75% relative humidity. Our units are not intended to chill wines to a low serving temperature or to cool “service cabinets” which are opened or entered frequently.

Over the years we have worked very hard to constantly improve and update our products while maintaining the ability to repair any production unit we have ever made. Today’s units are exact replacements for units built since 1985.

All BREEZAIRE cooling systems are specialized designs that create the kind of carefully controlled environment demanded by products that are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. They are not intended for use in standard refrigeration applications. For assistance in specifying the best system for your unique requirements and in creating the ideal storage environment

  • WKCE Cabinet Systems

    WKCE Cabinet Systems (2)

    ​The WKCE has a digital electronic (Sentry III+) control system which features: Large, easy to read, green LED display. Accurate, easy to adjust, readable set points with continuous reading of enclosure temperature or displaying of set point when changing enclosure temperatures. Power outage protection, which delays units start up after power outages. Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down the unit…
  • WKL

    WKL (6)

    Breezaire  WKL Series systems are compact, self-contained units. This is the advanced system of choice for standard applications ranging from under 100 to 2000 cubic feet. Our performance speaks for itself. This series is equipped with the Sentry III+ control system. Sentry III+ control system offers the following features: Large, easy to read, cool green display. Accurate, easy to adjust temperature…
  • WKSL Split Systems

    WKSL Split Systems (2)

    When our self-contained series will not meet your needs then the WKSL split design will provide the flexibility needed to create an ideal installation or deal with unusual site problems. The WKSL Series cooling systems are special split systems that allow mounting of the cooling (evaporator) module in the enclosure to be cooled and the exhaust (condenser) module as far…