WineZone Ductless Split Systems

 WineZone Split systems Have been Discontinued but we can still get most parts. Please Contact US for a quote

  • Applications:
    • Most economical split system to purchase and install
    • Allows transfer of heat to a room not adjacent to cellar
    • Unit is cooling only, an excellent choice for cellars where wine is “turned over” quickly
    • Ideal for rectangular rooms requiring less than 15′ of “throw”
    • For rooms already constructed, rooms with concrete or brick walls, and rooms without space for ducting
    • For cellars without access to a mechanical room to house an air handler
    • Can be used with either an indoor or outdoor remote condensing unit, moving heat and noise away from the cellar
    • Extremely quiet, attractive, wall mounted evaporator
    • Attractive, 24V digital thermostat with large display controls the system
    • Must be installed and adjusted by a qualified HVAC technician