SSV SERIES, RACK RECESSED, WINE CELLAR COOLING SYSTEM (for cellars 200cuft to 1,500cuft)


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Wine Mate split cooling system is designed and used to provide a stable temperature between 55~65 °F for a properly insulated room at a normal environment.

  • The wine room space will maintain humidity of 50~70% RH even when the environment becomes dry or humid.
  • These temperatures and humidity’s are optimized for long term storage of wine, fur and tobacco.
  • The condensing unit can be placed away from the wine room as far as 75 feet, which will bring an extremely quiet operation
  • Perfect for storing cigars, chocolate, salami, and fine leather and furs (additional cost and customization required)
  • Split System Wine Cooling Unit , rack recessed or ceiling mounted design
  • Outdoor enclosure is included with condensing unit
  • Add the Wine Bottle Probe to receive the most accurate reading of your wine’s temperature. The Wine Bottle Probe measures the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle to ensure your wine is kept at the ideal temperature and plugs directly into your cellar cooling system.



The Wine-Mate 2500 6500SSV cooling unit is a split system design with a capacity of 250-1500 cubic feet. With this split system, the condensing unit can be placed up to 75 feet away from the fan coil, and the cold air is fed into the cabinet or room (via the evaporator) through a copper pipe. SSV cooling systems are designed to be rack mounted, this can be installed between two wall studs. They are an ideal choice for small and medium wine rooms. Refrigeration technician is required for installation. .

Wine-Mate cooling systems are also perfect for storing fine fur, cigars, leather goods, chocolate and salami! For an additional cost, Wine-Mate systems can be customized for your exact storage needs – please call for more information!


SSV Units Specification Chart
ModelDimensions WxDxH in.WeightCapacityElectricalPriceFreightBuy Now
2500SSVEvaporatorCondenserEvaporatorCondenserUp to 200 cu ftEvaporatorCondenser
11.375×11.2×42.518x14x1245 lb40 lb115V 60Hz 0.77A115V 60Hz 5.7A
4500SSV11.375×11.2×48.518x14x1255 lb60 lbUp to 1000 cu ft115V 60Hz 0.77A115V 60Hz 6.9A
6500SSV11.375×11.2×52.524x18x1860 lb60 lbUp to 1500 cu ft115V 60Hz 1.9A115V 60Hz 12A



Optional Low Ambient Kit: Recommended for applications where the low ambient temperatures in the condensing unit mounting area will be between 0 and 45°F. Feature is factory-installed.

Low Ambient Kit [ $1,092.00]
Temperature Control Panel with Heating Function: Works in conjunction with your home’s air forced electric heater to ensure that your cellar never goes below the programmed temperature.

Temperature Control Panel with Heating Function[ $159.00]
Wine Bottle Probe Measure the true wine temperature inside your cellar.
No Wine Bottle Probe (Standard) Wine Bottle Probe[ $99.00]


2500-6500 SSV-Owners-Manual

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2500SSV, 4500SSV, 6500SSV