The purpose of Furniture Humidors is to keep your cigars at peak freshness while maintaining proper temperature and humidity.
In your humidor, you will have a humidification system in which you will put the solution – usually 1:1 distilled water and Propylene Glycol. The PG acts as an agent that keeps the Relative Humidity inside your humidor balanced. A hygrometer will measure the RH so you can be assured you are at the correct level. Be sure you calibrate your hygrometer.

Given proper care, your cigars will keep for years.
Some people really value properly aged cigars (they will develop a “bloom” over time – a fine white crystal that looks like powder).

Our humidors are lined with Spanish Cedar as it works very well at maintaining a humidor at the proper humidity.

All of our Cigar Humidors contain the following

– Complete Spanish Cedar interior
– SureSeal guaranteed technology
– An included analog hygrometer and humidifier