The purpose of Large Humidors is to keep your cigars at peak freshness while maintaining proper temperature and humidity.
In your humidor, you will have a humidification system in which you will put the solution – usually 1:1 distilled water and Propylene Glycol. The PG acts as an agent that keeps the Relative Humidity inside your humidor balanced. A hygrometer will measure the RH so you can be assured you are at the correct level. Be sure you calibrate your hygrometer.

Large Cigar Humidors

Given proper care, your cigars will keep for years.
Some people really value properly aged cigars (they will develop a “bloom” over time – a fine white crystal that looks like powder).

Our humidors are lined with Spanish Cedar as it works very well at maintaining a humidor at the proper humidity.

All of our Cigar Humidors contain the following

– Complete Spanish Cedar interior
– SureSeal guaranteed technology
– An included analog hygrometer and humidifier

Wine Cellar Creations provides high-quality large cigar humidors to keep your cigars in the best condition. We provide cigar humidors for both commercial and domestic uses.

Our products have a tight seal and are available for different prices to suit your budget. So, if you need a humidor for storing more than 150 cigars, our large cigar humidors can be perfect for you.

We carry spacious cigar humidors in attractive designs. No matter how big a cigar humidor you need, we provide customized solutions to meet your unique needs. We have a collection of humidors available at different prices to fit almost every budget. Whether you want a freestanding side table or cigar cabinet, we make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our large humidors are designed as humidity-controlled boxes specifically for storing cigars. These humidors help to maintain a constant level of moisture to keep cigars fresh. The hygrometer is used to monitor the humidity level inside the cigar box.

Whether you prefer a classic design or a modern-looking humidor, we provide plenteous options to choose from. We have beautifully crafted wooden humidors that have an antique look. These large cigar humidors can be placed anywhere in the house to enhance the interior design. Our climate control cigar humidors can hold up to 400 cigars at a time.

We make sure that every product we offer has a tight seal to prevent moisture from escaping. Too little or excess moisture can ruin your cigars. Our Spanish cedar humidors look elegant and allow your cigars to mature optimally.