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Ultra PEG System Wine Racks & Cellars was founded and is managed by Tom Schneider. Tom is the owner of WhisperKOOL Corp. and Vinotheque Wine Cellars. He has been on the forefront of innovation within the wine storage and cooling industries for the past decade. Doug Smith contributed to the creation of Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars. Doug is a world-renowned wine cellar designer with 23 years of experience designing and installing custom wine cellars for clients around the world. Tom and Doug foresaw a shift from traditional wood racking systems to contemporary modern metal racking systems. Traditional wood racking has been the bread and butter of the wine cellar industry for many years. Under Tom’s leadership, WhisperKOOL has become a key provider of cooling systems to all wood racking manufacturers, major distributors, and local dealer-designers across the US and Canada. As the shift toward contemporary metal racking gained ground, however, Tom and Doug saw that traditional wood wine cellar designers lacked the resources to satisfy the new trend. Therefore, Tom established Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars to provide innovative wine racking alternatives. Ultra offers a wide range of unique contemporary, and innovative metal racks and mounting methods never before seen in the wine storage industry.

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    Racking Styles Why choose Ultra? Traditional wood racking has a classic, rustic feel to it, but often hides the labels of your wine collection from view. Ultra metal wine racks are designed with a sleek, modern look that brings your collection into the 21st century. Ultra wine racks not only safely and securely store your wine collection, but display it.…