Racking Styles

Why choose Ultra?
Traditional wood racking has a classic, rustic feel to it, but often hides the labels of your wine collection from view. Ultra metal wine racks are designed with a sleek, modern look that brings your collection into the 21st century. Ultra wine racks not only safely and securely store your wine collection, but display it. Many of our products (such as the HZ rails and pegs) are designed to hold your bottles with the labels facing outward for easy viewing.

What types of Ultra wine racks are there?
We’re glad you asked! Feel free to click over to our product pages and browse our product line. Long story short, though, we have three basic types of racks: angled displays (which hold your bottles with the bottom pointing outwards; these displays require a rail or a panel to hold them in place, and are available, cork-out displays (which hold your bottles with the cork pointing outwards), and label-out displays (which hold your bottles parallel to the wall with the labels facing outwards). There are many different types of angled, cork-out, and label-out displays, though, so be sure to browse our site and see them all!