Breezaire WKL4000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit (for cellars up to 1000cuft)


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This is the advanced system of choice for standard applications ranging from under 100 to 2000 cubic feet. WKL Series Wine Cellar Cooling systems are compact, self-contained units. Our performance speaks for itself. This series is equipped with the Sentry III control system.

Sentry III control system offers the following features:
-Large, easy to read, cool green display.
-Accurate, easy to adjust temperature set points with continuous display of cabinet temperature.
-Power outage protection.
-Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down unit and protects wine in case of high temperatures caused by condenser blockage or fan failure.
-Controls temperature by enclosure (cellar) air sensors or optional bottle probe.

Model          Enclosure                Electrical       Dimensions (in)                            Weight

                       Volume (max)

WKL 4000*       1000 cu.ft.            7 Amps         14.25W x 19.75H x 21.63D              81 lb.


      *WKL 2200 & WKL 4000 models are is available in a 220v – 50 hz (Model WKL 2150 & WKL 3350)


Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.



Unit Modification:

Special Order: Cord out the bottom (COB)

Standard: Cord out the front

Bottle Probe

The WKL 2200 models are manufactured with the cold air out the front (standard)

The 2200 thru 8000 models are manufactured with the hot air out the rear (standard)

All six models come with the electric cord out the front (standard) or can be routed out the bottom (special order).

The 3000 thru 8000 models are shipped from the factory with the unit configured with the cold air routed out the front (Standard). The installer can configure the cold air to be routed out the top (as pictured below).

All WKL model have a drain tube located in the base of the unit on the cold side.


Breezaire can install a drain fitting on the rear of the unit.

The drain fitting is for removal of condensate. Connect a ½ inch I.D. vinyl hose to the fitting and route the hose to an approved drain. Ensure the ½ inch I.D. vinyl hose has an air break installed with in 2 to 10 inches from unit connection. A condensate pump is required if the vinyl drain hose has any vertical rise, significant horizontal or near horizontal run (Special Order)

New WKL BLACK Series (upgrade)

Not only have we changed the color we have made the base out of Aluminum.

The BLACK series is a upgraded WKL model.

All factory modification will be a longer lead-time, modification up-charge and may not be cancelled or returned.

WKL Installation Instructions


Sentry Owners Manual