Wine Guardian’s ducted split wine cellar cooling system provides superb air distribution and temperature control for optimal conditioning of your wine cellar. The extremely quiet and virtually vibration-free system offers maximum flexibility in system location and cellar designs.

Our system makes it ideal for cellars that have little or no extra space to install a self-contained Wine Guardian system, for applications where condenser air is difficult to exhaust and for longer duct runs. We offer four ducted split models that are available in four capacities producing between 3,400 to 14,900 BTU/H in 60Hz models and four ducted split models that produce between 1,055 to 3,812 watts in 50Hz versions.

The split system operates in ambient temperatures between 0°F and 115°F (-18°C and 46°C). As with all Wine Guardian products, it is certified by ETL to UL and Canadian standards for safety and performance.

  • Ducted Split Units

    Ducted Split Units (4)

    Wine Guardian is excited to announce the release of its DS088, WGS75 & WGS100 ducted split wine cellar cooling systems! The 60Hz DS088 split system has a cooling capacity up to 9,600 BTU/H. The 50Hz WGS75 & WGS100 systems have max capacities of 1,550 and 2,813 watts, respectfully. The DS088, WGS75 & WGS100 are the next units in our commitment to design and build a…
  • Ducted Split Options

    Ducted Split Options (6)

    Control of your wine cellar temperature and humidity – at your fingertips. Ducted Split Options Consistent monitoring ensures an optimal environment for your valuable wine collection. Wine Guardian systems monitor the temperature and display humidity of your cellar conditions and is the only major manufacturer that offers this feature. With large, backlit data displays and menu selections our systems make…