AC Dimmable Drivers/Power Supplies

For use with white LED lighting

Dimmable power supplies, also called LED drivers, are a great option when you are replacing existing incandescent or fluorescent under-cabinet lighting or when you have an electrical outlet controlled by a wall switch. Simply wire the dimmable driver to the existing outlet wiring, and replace the on/off AC switch with an AC dimmer. In general, dimmable LED drivers require a hard-wire connection to your household circuit, the exception to this being wireless, plug-in “lamp dimmers.” Never use a low voltage DC dimmer/color controller on the same circuit as an AC dimmer.

Typical wiring when using a dimmable driver

Dimmable power supply installation

Multiple LED driversLarge area lighting and dimming

Large lighting applications may require the use of multiple AC dimmable drivers/power supplies. For synchronized on/off and brightness control of LED lighting on multiple power supplies, connect a 120-volt AC dimmer to multiple Armacost Lighting Dimmable LED Drivers.