Networkable Thermostat Upgrade Ecobee Pro #27310



Networkable Thermostat Upgrade Ecobee Pro #27310

Networkable Thermostat Upgrade Ecobee Pro (P/N 27310). Use this upgrade to connect to the Ecobee SmartThermostat Pro (sold separately) via 24V thermostat wiring, and control your CellarPro cooling unit through the Wi-Fi enabled Ecobee thermostat.

The CellarPro cooling unit includes 10 feet of low voltage 4-lead 18-gauge wiring to connect to the Ecobee thermostat. If you’d like more than 10 feet of wire, let us know when you checkout in the “special instructions” field. We charge $0.50 per foot after the first 10 feet.

The Ecobee SmartThermostat Pro can be installed inside or outside the cellar. To install outside the cellar, the wireless remote sensor (included) must be activated and placed inside the cellar. Note that a time lag of up to 15 minutes exists when the remote sensor is used, and it cannot record cellar humidity.

Ecobee thermostats incorporate temperature control and humidity display in an attractive, backlit, easy to install wall-mounted unit. Key features include:

  • Wi-Fi Internet connectivity for monitoring, management and configuration (requires secure customer internet access)
  • Personalized web portal and smart phone apps available
  • Simple program editing and preferences
  • Set up alerts and service reminders, including air filter monitor, over or under temperature, high humidity, or customer selected contact closure
  • When the Ecobee SmartThermostat Pro is purchased from CellarPro, receive 5-year warranty coverage from Ecobee totaling 5 years on the thermostat (vs 3 years when purchased separately)

Please note:

    • The networkable thermostat upgrade is compatible with the following CellarPro models:


    • 1800H Houdini cooling units
    • All VS Series cooling units
    • All Wall-Mount and Recessed Ceiling Mount cooling units
    • Air Handler AH6500 and AH8500 cooling units (AH12Sx, AH18Sx and AH24Sx cooling units already include the upgrade)
  • Except for our 1800H Houdini and Air Handler cooling units, the networkable thermostat upgrade should not be used with cooling units that will be ducted on the cold-side
  • The bottle probe is not compatible with the networkable thermostat upgrade
  • The upgrade must be purchased at the same time as the cooling unit. It cannot be added after the cooling unit has shipped
  • For service and support of the thermostat, contact directly Ecobee at 1-866-518-6740